About our office

The engineering office Trinity Consulting was founded in 2001 by Dipl-Ing. Bettina Balkowski under the impression that lead to rapidly increasing globalization, the associated lack of resources and a rapid social change in the construction industry to new and significantly more complex issues and requirements.

Long since the public law requirements for new construction and renovation of buildings of any kind in the form of the energy saving regulation and many other regulations have been tightened sensitive. A further increase of the requirements, v.a. Also in the field of energy efficiency is imminent with the energy saving regulation 2012th

Long planners and developers have recognized that energy-efficient building is the right answer to the problems of resource scarcity, environmental degradation and the energy exploding costs and issue of personal conviction and sense of responsibility as well as economic reasons high Anfoderungen on the quality and energy efficiency of modern construction and renovation projects.

These changed conditions, we are committed.

We are a team of experienced engineers from the fields of civil engineering, architecture, interior design, engineering and physics.

We love to solve complex problems. Lateral thinking and questioning is important to us in our daily work.

Who energy efficiency and construction quality is a concern to those who are willing to enter into the complexity of this issue and to invest in the processing so that an informed verundenen questions that is on our side to the right place.

To link future, quality of life and energy production is our goal and our motivation.








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