Energy-efficient construction means: Many topics and issues of building must be considered and decided already at the very beginning of a construction project. More than ever, the various participating planners engage with their planning. The same goes for the various later works and trades on site. This ist the only way to realize energy-efficient buildings. This is especially true in light of the planned for 2012, further raising the legal requirements in the EnEV 2012 and other regulations.

In short : Building will be more complex than it already was!


From the beginning of your building project, we support public and private clients, architects and engineers, building contractors in all questions concerning energy-efficient construction!


We advise you in the areas:

  • Energy efficiency for residential and non-residential buildings

  • Energy efficiency in listed buildings

  • Passive house

  • Plus energy house

  • Recourse to public funds

  • Bafa on-site advice

  • Thermal protection

  • Moisture protection



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